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Keep up with what’s going on in Plant Research and Conservation at The New York Botanical Garden.

Science Talk Blog

From the field to the lab, The New York Botanical Garden’s scientists aren’t just about white coats and microscopes—they’re adventurous and determined globe-trotters who live to discover, understand, and preserve Earth’s biodiversity. To reveal the complex and challenging nature of the groundbreaking research taking place here and around the world, NYBG has launched Science Talk, a blog dedicated to the far-reaching work of the Garden’s botanical specialists.

Britton Gallery Talks 2017

Intimate conversations with Garden scientists about a typical day of work include behind-the-scenes tours of Science facilities. Exclusive to Members.

2017 Dates

March 3
Molecular Research at the Garden: Understanding How Plants Grow, Develop, Function, and Evolve
March 10
Managing the Wild: Thirty Years of Community Forestry Research at The New York Botanical Garden
April 7
Scientific Research at The New York Botanical Garden: The Critical Role of Herbarium Specimens
June 9
Diversity and Evolution in Ecologically Fragile Habitats: The Yellow Eyed Grasses
August 25
The New York City EcoFlora: Citizens Contributing Their Own Scientific Observation
October 13
Evolution and the Tree of Life: Problem-solving Through Time

Annual Research and Conservation Open House

April 22 – 23, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Learn about NYBG’s programs and facilities to explore, understand, document, and conserve Earth’s plant and fungal diversity. Offered are scientist-led, behind-the-scenes tours of the Pfizer Lab, the documentary film Who’s Minding Our Planet in Ross Hall, the exhibition What in the World is a Herbarium? in Ross Gallery, seven new audio tour stations in the exhibition Plants and Fungi: Ten Current Research Stories in the Britton Rotunda and Gallery, and an informational and plant collecting demonstration booth on the plaza of the Haupt Conservatory.

In Defense of Plants Podcast: Plant Conservation in the Modern Era

When it comes to conservation, plants have largely been overlooked. For instance, 100% of the world’s known threatened and endangered animals have been assessed by the IUCN whereas we have only assessed about 5% of plants. This is scary considering that so-called biodiversity hot spots are defined by their vascular flora. This is why the New York Botanical Garden is working to improve our literacy of the botanical world. This podcast features a conversation with Dr. Brian Boom, NYBG’s VP for Conservation Strategy, about Plant Conservation in the modern world.

Press Release: NYBG’s Center for Conservation Strategy Launches New York City EcoFlora

With dual goals of helping to protect New York City’s plant biodiversity and improving the public’s environmental literacy, The New York Botanical Garden is launching an ambitious initiative to create the first one-stop, online database about the city’s roughtly 2,000 naturally occurring plant species and their ecological roles.

Newsletter: Spotlight on Plant Science and Conservation

The current issue focuses on NYBG’s commitment to promoting global environmental awareness and training the next generation of Earth’s caretakers.