Photo of the dome of the Haupt Conservatory

Strategic Plan

The New York Botanical Garden has a long history of commitment to regular cycles of strategic planning designed to chart the course of action for its future. The current financial health and programmatic vibrancy of NYBG is based in part on the deployment of the four plans designed and implemented over the past 30 years.

Beginning in February 2022, NYBG has been engaged in creating a new strategic plan that will be implemented between 2024 and 2030. The planning process is being driven by Staff, led by Jennifer Bernstein, CEO & The William C. Steere Sr. President, and engaging employees at every level and in every department of NYBG. The Board of Trustees is deeply engaged in the planning process as well, providing invaluable perspective and guidance.

The strategic plan for 2024–2030 will be published in November 2023.

Click to download the most recent strategic plan, published in June 2016.

Photo of the cover of the 125th Anniversary NYBG Strategic Plan