The Home Gardening Center at the Garden is a series of model gardens and display areas whose plantings and programs are designed to teach anyone how to create a beautiful, productive, and trouble-free garden.

Along with informative signs, easy-to-follow handouts, and select weekend demonstrations in the Kenneth Roman Gazebo, every gardener will find inspiration in its venues, from the Pauline Gillespie Gossett Plant Trials Garden to the Compost Demonstration.

Home Gardening Resources at the Garden

Upcoming Gardening Demonstrations

Composting at the Garden

The Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

Home Gardening Resources Online

Home Gardening Online is your one-stop resource for plant questions, gardening tips, expert advice, and much more.

Tip Sheets, Fact Sheets, and Gardening Calendar

Ask the Experts

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden's Top 115 Performers for 2010

Generous support for the Home Gardening Center has been provided by Kenneth and Ellen Roman.