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What trees and shrubs need spring pruning?


Prune most deciduous trees and needle-leaf evergreens in the late winter or early spring when they are dormant and before new growth begins. Certain deciduous trees such as beech, birch, dogwood, elm, maple and sycamore will bleed excessively if pruned at this time, wait until summer to prune them.

Early-spring flowering shrubs like Azalea, Forsythia, Rhododendron and Spirea need to be pruned just after flowering.

Summer-flowering shrubs that bloom on new wood such as Hydrangea and Buddleia must be pruned in the early spring before new growth starts.

Prune evergreen hedges such as Buxus, Yew and Tsuga in the early spring just before new growth begins.

Finally, prune all roses in early spring except climbers and ramblers; they need pruning only after they flower.

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