Summer Gardening Tips, Chores, and FAQs From the Home Gardening Center

June - September

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Summer Gardening FAQs

What are the guidelines for watering the lawn during the summer, especially during a drought?

What are the guidelines for watering trees and shrubs in summer, especially during a drought?

How can I get rid of the slugs that are eating my plants?

How can I get rid of Japanese beetles?

How can I control powdery mildew on my roses?

What trees and shrubs are pruned in summer?

I'd like to start a cutting garden. What flowers can you recommend?

How can I attract hummingbirds to my garden?

So many trees and shrubs are showing drought damage. How can I help my garden recover from the dry summer?

Summer Gardening Tip Sheets

Vegetable Gardening

What To Do With All Those Zukes

Collecting Seeds

Cleaning, Drying, and Storing Seeds

Seed Viability

Cleaning Tomato Seeds

Drying and Storing Herbs

Extending Your Harvest

Plants and Flowers

Amazing Agastache

Tantalizing Tickseeds

Fragrant Daylilies

Summer Snapdragons

Late Summer Flowers, Herbs for a Vase

Marigolds Have Many Virtues

Late-Season Fragrance

Well-behaved Waterlilies

Tender Summer Bulbs

Hardy Summer Bulbs

Drought-Tolerant Gardening

Camels of the Plant World

How to Be Water-wise When Planting

Drought-Tolerant Plants for the Conscientious Gardener

Pollinators and Pests

Creating a Butterfly Garden

Favorite Plants for Butterflies, Caterpillars

Container Gardening

How to Create a Tropical Display in Your Garden

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