Tips on Growing Trees and Shrubs From the Home Gardening Center

Year Round


What steps can I take now to prepare my trees and shrubs for the rigors of winter?

Is it safe to plant trees and shrubs in the fall?

What are some trees and shrubs suitable for forcing indoors in the winter?

How do I prepare shrub and tree holes for planting?

What trees and shrubs need spring pruning?

What trees and shrubs are pruned in the summer?

What are the guidelines for watering trees and shrubs in summer, especially during a drought?

So many trees and shrubs are showing drought damage. How can I help my garden recover from the dry summer?

When is the best time to transplant evergreens and deciduous plants?

Care and Feeding

Guidelines for Tree Planting

How to Water Newly Planted Trees

Woolly Adelgid

Designing With Trees and Shrubs

The Underused, But Delicious, Pawpaw

Caring for Weeping Figs

Dazzling Autumn Color in Your Garden

Green Screen Options


Caring for and Planting a Live Christmas Tree

Cool Conifers

Cool Conifers Continued

Crazy for Conifers

Best Trees for the Holidays

Street Trees

A Million Trees? Try This New Planting Method

Community Action: Street Trees and Tree Pit Plantings

Care of Street Trees Benefits the Environment

Four-Season Shrubs


Lovely Lilacs for the Garden

Cunning Caryopteris

Fragrant Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox)


Exotic Azalea Species

Native Azaleas

Designing with Azaleas in the Home Garden

Azaleas: Keeping Them Healthy

Azalea Planting Tips

Azaleas A to Z: Know Them to Grow Them

Top Tips for Designing with Azaleas in the Home Garden

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