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Winter Gardening FAQs

What are some trees and shrubs suitable for forcing indoors in the winter?

What are your suggestions for keeping houseplants healthy during the winter?

Do I need to apply a winter mulch to my landscape plants?

What are the reasons for using an anti-desiccant in the winter?

Why do mice and rabbits cause damage to landscape plants in winter and how can this be prevented?

I would like to make my own holiday wreaths and sprays this year. What plants are best suited for this purpose and how do I condition them to last?

What is the best way to store tender bulbs such as dahlia over the winter?

I have always wondered what to do with all of the garden sprays, powders, fertilizers, etc. that have accumulated. Can I keep them around to use the next season?

I have noticed quite a lot of dust on my houseplants. What is the best way to clean them?

Winter Gardening Tip Sheets

Trees, Plants and Flowers

Cool Conifers

Cool Conifers Continued


Fragrant Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox)

Living With Plants

Caring for and Planting a Live Christmas Tree

Bulbs for Forcing

Ornamental Holiday Decorations

Points About Poinsettias

Decorating the Home

Best Trees for the Holidays

Garden Planning

Protecting Plants

Looking Back at the Year

Use Caution with Catalogs

Sowing Seeds Indoors

Winter Wonderland

Snow in the Garden

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