Ladies' Border

Year Round

Cradled in the protection of the Conservatory is a 260-foot-long experiment known as the Ladies' Border.

In this southern-facing garden, unusual half-hardy plants not normally grown in New York get a chance to prove their worth on ''foreign soil.'' Redesigned in 2002 with year-round interest in mind, the Ladies’ Border features many plants that hadn’t previously been grown outdoors at the Garden. Crape-myrtles grace the border with their silver and cinnamon-colored bark in the winter months and a lively show of brilliant blooms throughout the summer. South African bulbs glow in the autumn light and camellias lend their southern charm in late fall and earliest spring. Japanese apricot, paperbush and Oregon grape-holly each add their own heady perfume to the early springtime air. In summer, fatsia spreads it bold, broad leaves, red yucca’s tall spires of dainty bells draw hummingbirds and Peruvian lily gives a non-stop performance. The Ladies’ Border is our playground and every year we try out new plants to see which will make our team. Come see who we have on the roster for this year.

Across the path from the Ladies’ Border, is the Iris Collection. In May and June it dances with lovely blooms from many different types of irises including Japanese, Siberian, and German bearded irises as well as selections of native blue flag iris.