The “father of the modern daylily,” Dr. Arlow B. Stout, conducted research that led to the introduction of more than 90 Hemerocallis cultivars, and he spent much of his career here at the Garden. In the height of summer, Daylily/Daffodil Walk is ablaze with the vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds of these easy-to-grow perennial favorites. Sixty-six of Stout’s rare heirloom hybrids are still grown here, including the first red daylily, 'Theron'. A separate bed showcases many Stout Silver Medal winners, the highest award a daylily can receive. A chromatically arranged double border that spans the spectrum of summer color completes Daylily/Daffodil Walk

Each summer bright purple globe-like alliums precede the blooming of daylilies in every shade of yellow, orange, pink, and red.