Seasonal Walk

Year Round

Designed by acclaimed garden designer Piet Oudolf, Seasonal Walk celebrates the beauty of plants throughout the year.

Seasonal Walk, a 200-foot-long double border adjacent to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, has been reimagined by legendary Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf. Using his “new wave planting style” that captures the vitality of nature within artfully designed gardens, Oudolf has combined thousands of native plants, perennials, grasses, and bulbs to provide a year-round visual feast of flowers and foliage.

More than 8,000 new bulbs and perennials were added to the expanded borders of Seasonal Walk, including the newest gardenworthy cultivars, unusual plant species, and selections not currently available in North America. The plants selected were chosen not only for their color and drama, but also for their shape and structure in order to create a distinct architecture for the borders.

The magnificently transformed site—a plantsman’s delight and long a favorite of Garden visitors and brides-to-be—celebrates the changing nature of plants, highlighting their ephemeral beauty in fall and winter as much as in spring and summer.

Piet Oudolf
Celebrated for his work in some of the world’s most important parks and public gardens, Oudolf is at the vanguard of a new approach to planting design that captures the vitality of nature within harmonious gardens that reflect the rhythms of the seasons.

A project of Marjorie and Jeffrey A. Rosen