Thain Family Forest

Year Round

The Thain Family Forest is the largest remaining tract of original forest that once covered most of New York City.

Check the progress of the changing leaves with our Foliage Tracker!

What is a Native Forest?

When you visit the Forest, you will walk along Native American hunting trails, see marks left by glaciers, and pass under trees dating back to the American Revolution.

In 1895, founding director Nathaniel Lord Britton selected 250 acres, including the Forest as the site for The New York Botanical Garden. Britton determined the northern end of Bronx Park suitable as the location for the Botanical Garden “for the reasons that it combines all the desirable elements of ready accessibility, rich and varied soil, grand natural scenery, [and] dense natural forest...”

For thousands of years, this old-growth Forest has changed, adapted and survived. Today the Forest remains a magnificent reminder of the beauty and resilience of nature in the face of complex human-caused disturbances. Research has shown that over the past century pollution, soil compaction, and the introduction of invasive plants, pests, and diseases have all impacted the health of the Forest. To preserve the Forest for future generations the Garden manages invasive species, plants native plants, and performs research. As you explore and learn more about the Forest, you will discover the diversity of life and the importance of Forests.

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