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Here’s what others have seen in the Forest

Kathy from Brooklyn said:

Today a friend and were walking in the Thain Forest on the Waterfall Trail and both saw a North American River Otter chase a chipmunk up the bank of the Bronx River. Shortly after that, I saw a juvenile Red Tailed Hawk fly in under the Hester Bridge, perch on a downed log, preening himself as a pair of robins whose nest was nearby squawked constantly for about half an hour. Eventually a trio of Blue Jays came and added their squawking to the robins cacophony. One of the jays dive-bombed the hawk, causing him to leave his perch and fly off up the river. The robins seemed relieved for the assistance and quickly flew back to their nearby nest.

2015-05-26 09:53:40

Anne from Bronx, NY said:

The parade of spring ephemerals is in full swing - come enjoy this fleeting beauty on the Forest floor! Native perennials such as Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica), Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) and colonies of Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) are popping!

2012-05-03 13:49:00

Tiffany from East Rutherford said:

There was no better time for the Thain Family Forest trails to re-open than at the peak of autumn. Every way you turned the forest was shimmering in gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges. It was breathtakingly gorgeous.

2011-11-18 09:25:09

Jessica Schuler from Bronx, NY said:

The Forest staff just completed the Fall 2011 survey of the long-term northern redback salamander study in the Forest. They counted and measured 250 individuals this week! The long-term trends will tell us more about the health of Forest's population but, it was an exciting week of monitoring.

2011-11-11 15:22:15

Karyn Tsiranides from Bayonne, NJ said:

On October 26, 2011 my friend and I went and in the Forest right by the Bronx River was this bird unsure on what it was but it was nice to see and watch.

2011-11-02 14:53:56

Julie from Bronx, NY said:

Earlier this year I spied a large raccoon shuffling around under some trees and bushes right off the trail. Previous to this sighting, I had only seen their paw prints by the river. Although the chipmunks are adorable, I love seeing the larger animals the best.

2011-11-02 14:35:22

Patricia Gonzalez from Bronx, New York said:

Back in March of this year, I saw a young red-tailed hawk in the native forest. I took several hundred shots, but in this one, he actually took the time to pose. Only in the NYBG.

2011-11-02 14:24:33

Ann from New York, N.Y. said:

One of my favorite days working at the Garden was a day I got to spend in the Thain Family Forest talking to a group of scientists doing research here, including one doing a salamander count!

2011-11-02 11:05:19


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