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Cassandra Quave:
The Plant Hunter

Friday, October 22, 2021

11 a.m. | Online

With a special introduction by Dr. Ina Vandebroek, Ph.D.

Plants are the basis for an array of lifesaving and health-improving medicines that we now often take for granted. In today’s world of synthetic pharmaceuticals, many people have lost this connection to the natural world. But ignoring the potential of medicinal plants could represent a missed opportunity to discover new medicines and protect against the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant infections.

In this webinar, Emory University Associate Professor Cassandra Quave shares stories of her quest to discover nature’s next medicines. From flooded forests of the Amazon to isolated mountaintops in Albania and Kosovo, Dr. Quave’s search for natural compounds, long-known to traditional healers, could help save us all from the looming crisis of untreatable superbugs, as her acclaimed new book, The Plant Hunter, explains.

Presented by the Humanities Institute with generous support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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About the Speaker

Cassandra Quave, Ph.D., is an Herbarium Curator and Associate Professor at Emory University, as well as the Co-Founder and CEO of PhytoTEK LLC, a drug discovery company.

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