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Cycads: From Field Biology to Neurobiology, a Botanical Journey

Friday, October 16, 2020

11 a.m. EDT | Online

In commemoration of his 40-year scientific career at The New York Botanical Garden, Senior Curator Emeritus Dr. Dennis Wm. Stevenson will present a synopsis of his 50 years of research into varied aspects of cycad biology. It is a gamut, which follows the many bandwagons of botanical research for the past half-century. His talk will include, but not necessarily be limited to, research done in Slice & Dice and Machete Botany (Anatomy and Morphology), Flyspeck Botany (Chromosome Cytology), Blender Botany (Phytochemistry), Spray & Pray Botany (Physiology and Morphogenesis), Pipette Botany (Molecular Systematics and Barcoding), Trekking Botany (Fieldwork), Hard Rock Botany (Paleobotany), and Search for Truth Botany (Phylogenetics). All of these disciplines contribute to and allow for understanding the natural world around us from different aspects and points of view.


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