Photo of a forest walkway lined with trees

Forest Bathing

Ongoing | At the Garden

Allow yourself to be fully present as you bathe your senses in the sights, smells, sounds, and sensations of the Thain Family Forest with forest bathing experiences, known as shinrin-yoku in Japan. In Japanese shinrin means forest, and yoku means bath.

A Meditative Audio Experience

Self-guided tour

This audio guide focuses on slowing down and experiencing the sensory connections that help calm the mind and deepen reflection under a glorious forest canopy.

This experience takes roughly one hour from beginning to end. You can also choose to do a shorter 20-minute session and conclude after Track 2.

Thain, Hester, and Cherry Pathway

Some portions of this walk are inaccessible to strollers and wheelchairs due to uneven terrain/stairs. 

A map of the Thain Family Forest plotting points for the Forest Bathing activity, starting at the entrance to the Thain Forest, followed by the Orientation Point, Hester Bridge, and Cherry Collection.

Wheelchair Accessible Forest Pathway

A map of the Thain Forest with numbered locations for the Sweetgum Trail, Sweetgum Bridge, the Stone Mill View Trail Overlook Benches, and the Conifer Collection

Created and narrated by Oskar and Nicole Joy Elmgart.