yellow spicebush tree

Indigenous Plant Identification Tour

11:30 a.m. | At the Garden

This tour will begin with an overview of the history and traditional culture of Indigenous Peoples, and will guide participants through the natural areas and explain how particular plants are identified and harvested in traditional and modern times. The guide will show participants which parts of a plant can be utilized, how to identify and pick the right plants, and how to safely store them for later use.

About Your Guide
Rodrick Bell is a Historian and Canoe Instructor whose life work is centered on the preservation of both the history and cultural traditions of indigenous eastern woodlands First Nations. Descending from both the Carolina Algonquin and Virginia Powhatan first contact tribes, he is passionate about creating outdoor restorative experiences that help reshape the attitudes of all participants; in turn encouraging them to redevelop a love and respect for the earth.