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PlantVillage: A Global Public Good Platform for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Thursday, May 18, 2023

11 a.m. | Online

PlantVillage is an AI-powered platform that helps smallholder farmers around the world cope with pests and diseases affecting their crops and climate change. It currently reaches 14 million farmers per week and plans to reach 25 million by 2024—and 100 million by 2030. Climate change is the number one issue facing humanity, and smallholder farmers are facing the worst effects. But we see this problem as a solution. Imagine if 200 million farms in Africa were removing and storing 5 tonnes of CO2 per year. Our model is for AI-Powered Carbon Capture Cubes to be removing a gigatonne of carbon per year by 2030.


About the Speaker

David Hughes, Huck Chair in Global Food Security at Penn State University and Director of USAID Innovation Lab on Current and Emerging Threats to Crops, Founder of PlantVillage & Carbon4Good

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