A cluster of bright orange, shelf-shaped mushrooms grow from a downed log

Wild Edible Mushrooms, A Brazilian Perspective

Friday, August 12, 2022

11 a.m. | Online

Wild edible mushrooms (WEM) are collected and consumed in many countries worldwide. In Brazil few Amazonian Indigenous tribes use mushrooms as a food source, but this knowledge is almost lost in urban centers. During the past years, studies have been conducted in order to list existing and discover new species of WEM from Brazil. This talk will present some of these recent advances in the field.

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About the Speaker

Larissa Trierveiler Pereira is a Brazilian mycologist, professor, and researcher, who has been studying mushrooms since her first undergraduate course in 2003. Her Masters and Ph.D. studies focused on taxonomy of macrofungi, and she has been investigating wild edible mushrooms, mycophagy, and ethnomycology.

A person with brown pigtails kneels in the grass, holding a collection of enormous brown and yellow mushrooms