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Patricia Holmgren

Director Emerita of the Herbarium and Honorary Senior Curator

Ph.D., University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, 1968


Intermountain Flora


Intermountain Flora; Index Herbariorum

Research locations

North America


Dr. Patricia Holmgren managed the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium for more than 32 years prior to retiring in 2000. In retirement, she continues to serve as coordinator and editor of Index Herbariorum, in both its written and electronic forms. Index Herbariorum is an international guide to the location and contents of the world’s 3228 public herbaria and 9774 associated staff members in 165 countries. She also serves as co-director and author of the Intermountain Flora project with Dr. Noel Holmgren. Intermountain Flora is the preeminent botanical initiative to document plant diversity between the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains. It is a widely used reference for scientists, policymakers, land use managers, and others interested in the study and conservation of plant diversity in the American West.

Selected Publications

1971. A biosystematic study of North American Thlaspi montanum and its allies. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 21(2): 1-106.

1984-present. Intermountain Flora. Vascular plants of the Intermountain West, U.S.A., volumes 3a and 4. New York Botanical Garden, Bronx. (With A. Cronquist, A. H. Holmgren, and N. H. Holmgren)

1989. A taxonomic study of Jamesia (Hydrangeaceae). Brittonia 41: 335-350. (With N. H. Holmgren)

1990. Index Herbariorum. Part I: The herbaria of the world. 8th edition. 693 pages. New York Botanical Garden, Bronx. (With N. H. Holmgren and L. C. Barnett)

2002. New mentzelias (Loasaceae) from the Intermountain Region of western United States. Syst. Bot. 27: 747-762.