Picture of Mushrooms

Roy E. Halling

Curator Emeritus (Mycology), Institute of Systematic Botany

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
Amherst, 1980


Agaricales and Boletales (mushrooms, puffballs and related groups)


Fungi (Mushrooms and related fungi)

Research locations



Major research emphasis is on the classification, systematics, biogeography, and diversity of mushrooms. Mushrooms are important in the world’s ecosystems as primary decomposers, litter binders, and nutrient recyclers. In addition, they form obligate and necessary root symbioses with forest trees to maintain ecosystem health and integrity. Explorations and inventory of fungal diversity requires field work around the world in northern and southern temperate zones as well as the neo- and paleotropics. Field efforts in these areas have added substantially to general investigations on tropical and temperate fungi. Explorations have emphasized surveys to document the diversity, evolutionary & mycorrhizal relationships, and distribution of the Boletineae (a suborder of porcini-like mushrooms). International collaboration with other specialists is underway on systematics, biogeography and phylogeny of Bolete mushrooms with particular emphasis in Australia and SE Asia.

Selected Publications

Montoya, L., A. Ramos, R.E. Halling, V.M. Bandala. 2022.
A new species and a new record of Tylopilus (Boletaceae) of the balloui group in lowland and montane forests from Eastern Mexico.
Mycological Progress 22: 1-14 (https://doi.org/10.1007/s11557-022-01850-9)

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Nomenclatural novelties.
Index Fungorum no. 528: 1-10.

Matheny,P.B., A. Corrales, M.G.Graddy, R.E. Halling, J. KallichMan, L.V. Kudzma, C.L. Ovrebo, R.A. Swenie, N.C. Walker. 2022.
A revision of the Inocybe grammata group in North America including four new taxa.
Brittonia (https://doi.org/10.1007/s12228-022-09720-0)

Liu, J.-W., Z.-W. Ge, E. Horak, A. Vizzini, R.E. Halling, C.-L. Pan, Z.L. Yang. 2021.
Squamanitaceae and three new species of Squamanita parasitic on Amanita basidiomes.
IMA Fungus 12: 1-24. (open access: https://doi.org/10.1186/s43008-021-00057-z).

Guard, F.E., S. McMullan-Fisher, J. Van Wyk, T. Lebel, R.E. Halling. 2021.
Austroboletus yourkae sp. nov.
Persoonia 47: 276-277 (Fungal Plant 1336).

Ovrebo, C.L., R.E. Halling, K.W. Hughes, M. Kuo. 2021.
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Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 15(2): 545-557. (open access: https://doi.org/10.17348/jbrit.v15.i2.1160).

Osmundson, T.W., N.L. Bougher, R.M. Robinson R.E. Halling. 2021.
Rubinoboletus phaseolisporus (Boletaceae) from Western Australia is a Tylopilus with bean-shaped spores.
Nuytsia 32: 87-97.

Vadthanarat, S., R.E. Halling, M. Amalfi, S. Lumyong, O. Raspé. 2021.
An unexpectedly high number of new Sutorius (Boletaceae) species from northern and northeastern Thailand.
Frontiers in Microbiology 12: 1-27. (open access: https:doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.643505).

De Crop, E., L. Delgat, J. Nuytinck, R.E. Halling, A. Verbeken. 2021.
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Halling, R.E., N. Fechner, N. Davoodian. 2020.
Veloboletus limbatus, gen. et sp. nov.
Persoonia 45: 398-399 (Fungal Planet 1178).

Syme, K., G. Bonito, T. Lebel, N. Fechner, R.E. Halling. 2020.
Austroboletus asper, sp. nov.
Persoonia 45: 328-329 (Fungal Planet 1143).

Davoodian, N., K. Hosaka, O. Raspé, O.A. Asher, A.R. Franck, A. De Kesel, T.P. Delaney, J.F. Ammirati, E. Nagasawa, B. Buyck, R. E. Halling. 2020.
Diversity of Gyroporus (Gyroporaceae, Boletales): rpb2 phylogeny and three new species.
Phytotaxa 434(3): 208-218.

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Looks can be deceiving: the deceptive milkcaps (Lactifluus, Russulaceae) exhibit low morphological variance but harbour high genetic diversity.
IMA Fungus 10: 14-25.

Dierickx, G., M. Froyen, R.E. Halling, K. Wisitrassameewong, L. Delgat, E. De Crop, A. Verbeken. 2019.
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MycoKeys 56: 13-32.

Vadthanarat,S., M. Amalfi, R.E. Halling, V. Bandala, S. Lumyong, O. Raspé. 2019.
Two new Erythrophylloporus species (Boletaceae) from Thailand, with two new combinations of American species.
MycoKeys 55: 29-57.

Davoodian, N., N.L. Bougher, N.A. Fechner, S.E. Bergemann, R.E. Halling. 2019.
Three new species of Gyroporus (Boletales, Basidiomycota) from Australia.
Muelleria 37: 101-107.

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Austrobaileya 10(1): 121-129.

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Austral. Syst. Bot. 28(1): 1–22.

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