Image of the desert in Joshua Tree.


The New York Botanical Garden is a world leader in plant research and conservation, using traditional and cutting-edge tools to discover, understand, and preserve Earth’s vast botanical diversity.

Tropical Research at NYBG

At The New York Botanical Garden we are committed to the study, conservation, and sustainable management of tropical ecosystems—both in the Americas and in the old world. The Garden has active research projects in diverse tropical biomes, including Tropical Rain Forest, Tropical Deciduous Forest, Alpine Tundra, and even Desert habitats.

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Saving the Plants of the World

Without plants, life on earth would be impossible. Yet, the plant diversity that sustains us is imperiled today as never before in human history. NYBG is responding to the biodiversity crisis by conducting cutting-edge research on plants and their habitats and by taking institutional action to protect them.

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