Wooded trail in the Thain Family Forest surrounded by green leaves

Citizen Science

Citizen science is the use of enthusiastic volunteers to collect data and generate results. Citizen science projects have the potential to collect large amounts of data due to the ability to engage large populations of volunteers, but usually require technical or scientific staff to analyze data and decipher patterns. At NYBG, citizen science volunteers are part of several ongoing research, data collection, and Herbarium transcription and digitization projects critical to The New York Botanical Garden’s mission. Participants are trained by experts on proper procedures for the project(s) they choose, and have the opportunity to learn aspects of plant biology, ecology, and Herbarium/Living Plant collection management.


If you would like to participate as an NYBG citizen scientist, please complete the volunteer application and return it to volunteer@nybg.org.

If you are a student, teacher, or principal looking to incorporate more citizen science into your school’s curriculum, please contact Jamie Boyer, Ph.D., at jboyer@nybg.org for more information.