New York City EcoFlora

The New York City EcoFlora is a community science project led by the New York Botanical Garden to document and conserve the biodiversity of New York City. It combines NYBG’s historical strengths in collections with emerging opportunities in digital technology and community science to maximize the impact on plant conservation in New York City. All New Yorkers are invited to participate as community scientists to observe, collect, and compile information about the City’s plants and their relationships with other organisms, such as birds, insects, and mushrooms.

EcoQuest Challenge

Each month, NYBG EcoFlora announces a new EcoQuest Challenge focused on a specific plant, group of plants, or interaction. We need your help to document the flora and fauna of New York City by taking and sharing photos via iNaturalist, an easy-to-use mobile app.

View the archives and participate in our newest EcoQuest Challenge HERE