close up of green plant

Genomics of Comparative Seed Evolution

Dennis Stevenson and collaborators

The goal of this project is to exploit plant genome diversity to discover new genes involved in the development of seeds. This project combines the expertise of scientists from four research/educational institutions specializing in evolution and genomics to build upon a previously funded pilot project to generate new data, resources, and bioinformatic tools and analytical pipelines to enable functional trait-to-gene predictions for any species based on phylogeny and/or machine learning approaches. It is envisioned that the data and software resources generated will empower Comparative Genomic researchers to exploit plant diversity to identify genes associated with any trait of interest or economic value. All sequence data will be available at GenBank and all germplasm through the New York Botanical Garden.

Data, tools, and resources generated from this project are available at the following links: OrthologID , BIGPLANTv1 , and ViCoGenTA .