view of palm tree frowns

Revision of Calamus

Andrew Henderson

A revision of Calamus (Palmae) is an on-going project that aims to produce a complete monograph of Calamus, an economically, ecologically, and biologically important genus of approximately 500 currently recognized species, comprising approximately one sixth of all palm species. Calamus species are the source of rattan canes, used in the international rattan furniture industry. The monograph will provide taxonomic treatments for all species including full nomenclature, typification, descriptions, distribution maps, geo-referenced specimen occurrence data, IUCN conservation assessments, and images of selected species. The monograph of Calamus will be the largest complete monographs of its kind for palms. Results will be published in hard copy and will be freely available on-line. The database containing all data used in the monograph, in Excel format, will also be freely available on-line.


Milti colored thorny Calamus leaf sheath.

Calamus nambariensis leaf sheath.