Mission & History

Begun in 1919 at The New York Botanical Garden as a horticulture vocational training program for returning war veterans, distinguished horticulturist Thomas H. Everett expanded the School into a professional gardener-training program in 1932. An alumnus of the Royal British botanical gardens, Kew, Everett modeled the School after the programs at British botanical gardens, which combined practical and academic work.

Today, the School seeks to educate and train motivated individuals to become horticulturists of the highest caliber equipped to succeed in green industry leadership positions in both public and private sectors. The School combines academic studies with hands-on practical training in a two-year, full-time program. Students learn the science of horticulture in the classroom and practice what they learn on Garden grounds. After successfully completing the program, students receive The New York Botanical Garden’s Diploma in Horticulture.