Certificate Programs

Bronx Green-Up offers two certificate programs for community gardeners. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the courses.

Pruning Certificate Program

Bronx Green-Up's Pruning Certificate Program is open to registered community gardeners and is designed to help gardeners learn to prune properly to improve their community garden. The course consists of four indoor classroom sessions as well as two hands-on pruning practice sessions at community gardens. This program is generally offered in the fall.

Community Garden Compost Certificate Program

The Community Garden Compost Certificate is awarded to Bronx Green-Up gardens that demonstrate a commitment to creating and maintaining their own composting system. To become certified, a garden must demonstrate leadership, team-building, and troubleshooting skills among its own gardeners and with others to make and harvest compost at their site. This certificate program is tailored for each participating Bronx community garden. To enroll your community garden in this program, please contact Bronx Green-Up.