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Bronx Foodways
Oral Histories Project

Launched in 2021, the Bronx Foodways Oral Histories Project exists to preserve the food histories and life experiences of long-time community gardeners and urban farmers across the borough.

This oral history collection is invaluable. It provides intimate first-hand portraits of the growers, volunteers, and activists—keeping their personal journeys alive for future generations, and underscoring the importance of neighborhood gardens as centers for food, heritage, community, and social justice.

Below, you can explore interviews with Bronx community gardeners and urban farmers from the first two years of this momentous project.

The Bronx Foodways Oral Histories Project is made possible with support from the Mellon Foundation.

The Mural Project

Each year The New York Botanical Garden commissions two public murals celebrating Bronx gardeners and farmers from the Oral Histories project. Bronx artist André Trenier is creating the initial works in 2022.

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Morris Campus Farm Student Interviews

In the summer of 2022, Bronx Green-Up Apprentice Liana Castillo interviewed students at Morris Campus Farm about their experiences on this unique urban educational farm on their high school campus in Morrisania, Bronx.

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Friends of Brook Park Community Garden Interviews

On September 24, 2022, NYBG captured these interviews from community gardeners attending the NYC Parks Green Thumb Harvest Fair at the Friends of Brook Park Community Garden.

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