The New York Botanical Garden


Using the Library

The Library makes its collections available and accessible to all users. The collections, with the exception of the Member’s Library, do not circulate except on campus to the offices of Garden staff and students in the Graduate Program and the School of Professional Horticulture

Library users are encouraged to search the online catalog by title, author, subject, or keyword, for books and journals they wish to use. A call slip can be printed out from the printers available at each public terminal. Printed call slips are the easiest and most efficient way for the Library staff to retrieve the correct material from the stacks. Users are asked to bring their requests to the Reference Desk and leave a form of identification (i.e. Student I.D., driver's license) with the desk staff upon the receipt of the requested materials.

Many of the volumes as well as materials from other Library collections are fragile in nature and must be handled with great care. All rare books, manuscripts and folios must be consulted at the Reference Desk in the presence of a Library staff member.

Online Catalog

The Library's online public catalog features full bibliographic descriptions, subject headings, and author and title entries for all books and journals held in the collections. Terminals for searching the online catalog are located in the Library Reference Room and the Reading Room.

Applying for a Library Card

Garden Members wishing to borrow books from the Member’s Circulating Collection must have a valid Garden Membership card. Staff and students must show a valid Garden I.D. An application form for Circulating Library borrowing privileges is available at the Reference Desk. When approved, a Library barcode label will be applied to the Member's valid Garden Membership card or a Staff I.D. card.

Stack Access

The Library stacks are closed to the public. Garden staff and students in the Graduate Program and the School of Professional Horticulture may be given stack access, upon application and formal orientation. Orientation and Guided Tours of the Library for new users are given by appointment. Application forms are available at the Reference Desk.

Security Regulations

No food or drinks (including bottled water) are allowed in the Library.

There is no smoking anywhere in the building.

Lockers and a coat closet are located just outside the main entrance to the Library. Visitors entering the Library must leave their coats, briefcases, backpacks, umbrellas, oversized packages, or similar items in a locker. Use of a locker requires the deposit of one quarter, which is returned when reopened with the key.

Personal Computers and Hand Held Devices

Readers may use personal computers in the Reading Room. Electrical outlets and computer jacks are available at the study tables. Wireless access is available in the Library Reading Room.

Cell phones and cell phone camera use in the Library are not permitted.