Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions and Directions

Is the Garden open year-round? Is it open seven days a week?

Yes, the Garden is open year-round, and there's something to see in every season! The Garden is open Tuesdays through Sundays and is closed on Mondays (except Monday federal holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day). It is also closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Is there an admission fee to enter the Garden?

Yes. There are a variety of pricing options based on special exhibitions, venues and seasons. See Admission Fees for details or call 718.817.8700.

Is it easy to get to the Garden? How do I get there?

The Garden, located at Bronx River Parkway and Fordham Road in the Bronx, is easy to reach from throughout the metropolitan area. See Directions


Is the Garden accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, the Garden, its buildings, and its tour vehicles are accessible to people with disabilities, with a few possible exceptions. See Accessibility for details.

Are wheelchairs, motorized carts, or golf carts available for rental?

Wheelchairs are available free of charge at both Garden entrances, on a first-come, first-served basis (reservations are not accepted). An ID must be left with Visitor Services. Motorized carts and golf carts are not available.

Weddings and Parties

Can I have my wedding at the Garden? Whom do I contact for information?

Garden facilities can be rented for wedding receptions or a combination of a ceremony and reception. Please check back soon for contact information regarding wedding coordination at the Garden.

* For information on wedding photography at the Garden, please contact the Special Events department at 718.817.8738.

Can I have a birthday party for my child at the Garden?

Yes, Members are welcome to schedule birthday parties through our Group Tours office. Call 718-817-8687 for more information.

Photography, Photo Shoots, and Permissions

Can visitors take photographs throughout the Garden?

Visitors are welcome to take informal photographs at the Garden, as long as they stay on the paths and do not disturb the plants and collections. In the Conservatory, photography is permitted with hand-held cameras only (tripods and monopods are not allowed). See Photo & Video Policies. During some exhibitions, photography may be restricted or limited to alleviate crowding and protect the plants.

Can I take my wedding photographs at the Garden?

For information on wedding photography at the Garden, see Photo & Video Policies or please contact the Marketing department at 718.817.8738.

I'm a member of the media and would like to take some photographs. How do I arrange this?

Media representatives wishing to take pictures should contact the Public Relations department at 718.817.8616 or via e-mail and provide appropriate details to help the PR staff facilitate the assignment.

I'd like to arrange a commercial photo or video shoot for my company. How do I arrange this?

Commercial photo and video shoots must be arranged through the Marketing department at 718.817.8738. See Photo & Video Policies.

I saw a photo on your Web site and would like to get permission to use it. How do I go about this?

All images on are the property of The New York Botanical Garden and its photographers, or have been purchased from or are on loan from other organizations. For permission to use any image on this site, please contact the Public Relations department at 718.817.8616 or via e-mail for details. Please provide: the exact URL of the page on which the images appears; a description of the image; and a detailed explanation of how it will be used.

Plant Information

I have a question about (or need help with) my houseplant. Is there someone there who can help me or give me information?

The Garden offers plant information services on a limited basis by:

  • Telephone: available at 718.817.8681, Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
  • E-mail Plant Information (Please indicate your city and state in your e-mail.)
  • Fax: 718.817.8956
  • On site: The Garden offers a variety of public programs throughout the year in which experts are available to answer questions.

Staff are able answer questions regarding outdoor and indoor plant culture, maintenance, and plant selection (including information on cultural requirements such as planting, feeding, pruning, and propagation). Limited assistance is offered with landscape design inquiries. If you are located outside the southeastern New York region, please consult local resources.