A gray stone archway bordered by tall green hedges frames a quiet private garden space, full of blooming alliums and flowering shrubs

2021–22 Landscape Design Students & Alumni Series

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1–2 p.m. ET | NYBG

Renowned professionals share their expertise in this popular afternoon lecture series that coincides with morning meetings of the Landscape Design Students and Alumni Association. All are welcome to register.

The Beauty of the Wild: Darrel Morrison

October 19, 2021

Darrel Morrison shares lessons about the links among ecology, art, music, and design; the urgent need to preserve natural areas; and the importance of having fun through it all.

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A wild field of flowers extends toward a horizon of green trees, with yellow, pink, and red flowers blooming amid the sea of green foliage

Sleepy Cat Farm: Fred Landman & Charles Stick

November 16, 2021

Join us as Fred Landman and Charles J. Stick explore their approach to gardens and design, now beautifully captured in the new book Sleepy Cat Farm: A Gardener’s Journey.

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A pagoda structure in red and bronze sits atop a round dais of stone, surrounded by a water feature of lotus plants, cascades, and weeping willows

The Art of the Possible:
Cornelia Hahm Oberlander's Landscapes

December 14, 2021

Learn about the outstanding legacy famed landscape architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander left of built work in Canada, the U.S., and Europe from Beka Sturges.

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A series of geometric glass and cement structures rises up from a gravel foundation, surrounded by evergreen trees, purple blooming flowers, and grasses

The Modern Cottage Garden: Greg Loades

January 18, 2022

Using lush images of big, colorful blooms combined with striking grasses and native plants, Loades will illustrate practical insights into what The Telegraph calls his “secret technique that opens up a world of nostalgia for gardeners with small spaces.”

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A riot of hardy grasses and flowering plants rises up in the foreground in browns, greens, and purples, while hedges and a forested hillside are visible in the distant background

Plants and Placemaking: Matthew Cunningham

February 15, 2022

Blending traditional Yankee building techniques with high design, Maine native Matthew Cunningham is well-known for his plantcentric residential landscapes throughout the Northeast.

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A terraced back yard, hemmed in with open forest, boasts lush green foliage planted around an in-ground swimming pool

Gardens within the Garden: Shavaun Towers

March 15, 2022

Shavaun Towers will discuss how she overcame horticultural and grading challenges to brilliantly choreograph the visitor experience, while respecting both NYBG’s historical precedents and the unique character of each “garden within the Garden.”

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Four people sit on adjacent benches on a terrace, looking out over an expanse of rich green forest, lilac collection, a planted rose garden, and blooming shrubs, with a blue sky beyond

We offer Continuing Education credits (CEUS) for LACES for successful completion of each course in this series.