A person walks their dog along a beautifully planted outdoor path surrounded by trees, green foliage, and pink flowers

The Battery, The Beautiful
with Warrie Price

February 22, 2024

11 a.m.–12 p.m. | Ross Hall

Located on the southernmost tip of New York City, The Battery’s 25 acres has been transformed from a broken concrete promenade to a paradise of plants over the last 20 years under the distinguished leadership of Warrie Price.

In an effort to revitalize New York’s birthplace park, Price founded The Battery Conservancy in 1994. From there, a horticultural masterplan was conceived and implemented, which includes 240,000 square feet of perennial gardens, a 1-acre urban farm, a 7-acre woodland, the SeaGlass Carousel, a garden bikeway, and a 1.5-acre playground built to flood and recover. Price will discuss this stunning transformation and how the Battery Conservancy continues to bring inspired vision and targeted resources to the thriving green heart of downtown New York.


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