The corpse flower in bloom.

The Corpse Flower Amorphophallus titanum

The corpse flower has passed peak bloom—stay tuned for more updates about what happens next! 

This unpredictable plant has gone through its bloom cycle. The garden staff will now dissect and harvest pollen from this bloom to share with other Botanical Gardens. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

Thanks for following along with this year’s bloom!

Time-lapse of the 2018 Corpse Flower Bloom

A NYBG staff member with a Corpse Flower

Life Cycle of a Titan-Arum

View the lengthy life cycle of the titan-arum, a process that requires years before a single flower can be produced. Courtesy of our friends at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

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Learn About NYBG’s 2016 Corpse Flower Bloom

From 2016: "Corpse Flower Causes Big Stink in the City."

2016 Corpse Flower Time Lapse