In the center, a child completing an activity. On the right, a world search with the letters made of plant materials

Herbarium Creative Projects from Home

NYBG has one of the largest herbaria in the world, the William and Lynda Steere Herbarium, with over 7.8 million specimens of plants, algae, and fungi. Herbarium specimens are an important piece of a larger puzzle—helping people all over the world study plants, the places they live, and the other species that depend on them. Specimens are also works of art and, with a little imagination, let us find all sorts of patterns and shapes.

We’ve created some activities you can download below to let everyone explore our specimens in a new way. These activities and specimens may inspire you and your family to safely explore the outdoor environment to see what is living and growing nearby. Use the age ranges as a suggestion, but choose what inspires creativity and conversation. What will you find?