A wood awning with yellow and green leaves around it

Everett Children’s Adventure Garden

As of November 2023, Everett Children’s Adventure Garden (ECAG) will be closed for restoration! This project will update the outdoor landscape and indoor facilities in order to enhance the garden’s science and nature learning opportunities, and create new areas for exploration and investigation.

During the closure of ECAG, there will be seasonal pop-up activities, hands-on programs, and other family friendly events supported by the staff and teen Explainers. Registered programs such as Camps, Nature Explorers, and School Groups will continue at other NYBG locations during construction. Learn more and stay updated by checking out our restoration page.

Visit Accessibility at nybg.org to learn about resources for people with disabilities, including Social Guides for NYBG and the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden for introducing first-time visitors to these spaces.