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Everett Children’s Adventure Garden

The Everett Children’s Adventure Garden encourages children to actively investigate science and nature in a 12-acre landscape that features a series of lush environments, including a pond, woodland, and meadow.

Climb the boulders and view the landscape below from your high perch. Check out the cattails and lily pads at the Pond Pavilion. Self-guided exploration enhances the experience in the Adventure Garden. Discover all of our outdoor nature exploration programs for families below.

An imaginative staff and a corps of energetic teen Explainers hailing from all over New York City bring family-friendly adventures to life here every day. If you are interested in joining our team of interns, apply to be a part of the Explainer Program.

Nature Quest Interactive Mobile Experience

Interactive and educational mobile experience for kids 3–10. Learn more.

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Visit Accessibility at nybg.org to learn about resources for people with disabilities, including Social Guides for NYBG and the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden for introducing first-time visitors to these spaces.