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A lecturer speaking to an audience at Ross Hall

Science Symposia & Seminars

See past discussions at NYBG by experts on everything from local conservation to global scientific missions.

5th Annual EcoFlora Conference: Celebrating Community Science in New York City

Wild Edible Mushrooms, a Brazilian Perspective

If We Are What We Eat, Then Where Are We From?

The Leaf That Launched a Thousand Ships: A Personal and Unnatural History of The Great Hunger

Decolonizing Conservation Through Biocultural Restoration: Hawaiʻi as an Example

Maintaining Lichen Diversity in an Era of Global Change

Crop Wild Relatives and the Role of Herbaria in Future Food Crop Security

Systematics of Stylosanthes Sw. (Leguminosae – Papilionoideae – Dalbergieae)

The Importance of Studying Gymnosperms to Unravel Seed Plant Evolution

Human Beings, Baobabs, and Tamarinds: An Evolutionary Complex

Systematic Studies in the Genus Rhynchosia with Emphasis on the South American Species

Building Beauty: Patterns In Plant Diversity

Novel Tools To Better Understand Biodiversity

Fourth Annual New York Ecoflora Conference: Wetland Research and Conservation in New York City

Traditional Farming and Crops Diversity for a More Resilient Future

Schrödinger's Phenotypes: How Good is Morphological Data Harvest From Herbarium Specimen Images?

NYBG Doctoral Defense: Conservation, Comparative Genomics, and Species Delimitation of the Reindeer Lichens

NYBG Doctoral Defense by Cecilia Zumajo

WeDigBio 2021 | Virtual Tour of the Steere Herbarium

WeDigBio 2021 | Citizen Science Workshop

WeDigBio 2021 | Spotlight on Herbarium Research: Epiphytes!

A Bolete Story: 50 Years of Macrofungi

Plant Diversity in Brazil: Studying Sedge Evolution and the Atlantic Coastal Forest

Darwin's Passion for Plants

39 Years of Palm Research at NYBG: A Retrospective

Herbaria: Collectively Saving Plant and Fungal Biodiversity

Here Today, Gone Forever: Plant Extinction Now and Conservation Strategies for Tomorrow – Part II

Here Today, Gone Forever: Plant Extinction Now and Conservation Strategies for Tomorrow – Part I

Third Annual EcoFlora Conference: Conserving the Rare Plants of New York

WeDigBio! 2020 Virtual Tour of the Steere Herbarium

Journey Through Peru with Dr. Fabian Michelangeli

Cycads: From Field Biology to Neurobiology, a Botanical Journey

Brazilian Biodiversity: Assessing Threats to Plants and Ecosystems

The Brazilian Amazon Under Threat: A Report on the Impacts of Climate Change and Deforestation in the World’s Largest Rain Forest

Take Action with Citizen Science

Second Annual NYC EcoFlora Conference

Nature at Your Doorstep: Celebrating the Public Participant in Research

First Annual NYC EcoFlora Conference

Saving the American Ash

Preserving the Mighty Oak, Pt. 1

Preserving the Mighty Oak, Pt. 2