Tips for Your Garden Visit

  1. The Garden is open Tuesday through Sunday, and closed Mondays (except Monday federal holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. View the Garden’s hours.

  2. The Garden is located at Bronx River Parkway and Fordham Road in the Bronx, and is easy to reach by car, subway, bus, and Metro-North. Get directions.

  3. Admission price varies by age and date. View the ticket prices for your day of visit.

  4. Most of the Garden consists of outdoor spaces, although there are indoor spaces open year-round as well. The Garden’s 250 acres are open in all weather conditions, and a visit can include extensive walking. Please plan your attire accordingly.

  5. The Garden does not have coat-check facilities and certain items are prohibited in various indoor spaces, so plan accordingly.

    Strollers, are allowed throughout the Garden grounds with the exception of the Conservatory, Discovery Center, Ross Hall, and Art Gallery. Stroller parking is available at these locations. Garden trams can accommodate strollers, but only if they are fully collapsed and fit in designated storage spaces. Large backpacks and bags are not allowed in the Art Gallery. The Garden reserves the right to inspect all bags.

    Easels, tripods, monopods, drones and selfie sticks are not permitted on Garden grounds.

  6. The Garden, its buildings, and its tour vehicles are accessible to people with disabilities, with the exception of a few areas where the terrain is naturally uneven. Wheelchairs are available free of charge at all entry points, on a first-come, first-served basis (reservations are not accepted). An ID must be left with Visitor Services. Learn more about accessibility and read our Service Animal Policy here.

    The Accessibility Map is available at the Garden or can be downloaded here.

  7. The New York Botanical Garden is open to the elements and contains natural areas, including running and still water. Visitors should be aware of the natural surroundings, including tree limbs, insects, birds, reptiles and other wildlife, inclement weather, steep slopes, and uneven surfaces. Visitors are advised to take precautions to protect themselves from these ordinary risks of outdoor spaces.

  8. If you have left something behind at the Garden, contact the Security Office at 718.817.8664. Items that are not claimed after 60 days are donated to charity.

    • Stay on paths.
    • Deposit trash, recyclables, and compost in designated receptacles.
    • Picnic in the designated picnic area—Clay Family Picnic Pavilion.
    • Wear shirts and shoes at all times.
    • Arrive with an adult if you’re under 16.
    • Walk on the grass.
    • Pick flowers.
    • Touch plants, trees, art installations or any special exhibition pieces.
    • Carve your name, initials, date, etc. into any NYBG property.
    • Climb trees or rocks.
    • Feed or approach animals or birds.
    • Bring your pets. (Read our Service Animal Policy here.)
    • Smoke; e-cigarettes included.
    • Bring outside alcohol.
    • Eat outside food in designated dining facilities. Outside food is only allowed at the Clay Family Picnic Pavilions.
    • Build fires.
    • Use portable radios or sound reproductive devices.
    • Engage in recreational sports or bring sporting equipment, including scooters for recreation.
    • Play, sunbathe, or bring blankets onto the Garden’s lawns.
    • Throw rice, confetti, birdseed, flowers or bring balloons.
    • Host events at the Garden without written approval.
    • Don’t bring tripods, monopods, easels, selfie sticks, lighting equipment or food into the Conservatory, Art Gallery, and Ross Hall.
    • Restrict foot traffic by blocking off walking paths, or directing traffic within the Garden.
    • Bring drones.
    • Bring multiple changes of clothes for personal photo/film shoots.
  9. Garden facilities can be rented for weddings and parties. Get more information on event planning.

  10. Birthday parties can be scheduled through our Group Tours office. Call 718.817.8687 for more information.

  11. Outdoor photography for personal use (not including wedding, engagement, anniversary, quinceañera, maternity, blog, or staged/group photography) is allowed, but you must stay on the paths and not disturb the plants and collections. In the Conservatory, photography is permitted with hand-held cameras only. During some exhibitions, photography may be restricted or limited to alleviate crowding and protect the plants. Photography is not permitted in the Art Gallery.

    For information on specialty photography, commercial photography, and commercial video shoots, visit Photo/Film Shoots and fill out a permit request form pertaining to your specific project. Alternatively, you may contact the Marketing Department at 718.817.8942 or via e-mail.

    Media representatives wishing to take pictures should contact the Public Relations department at 718.817.8616 or via e-mail and provide appropriate details to help the PR staff facilitate the assignment.

  12. For assistance planning your visit, reserving tickets, or to share your feedback about a recent visit, contact the Visitor Services Ticketing Support Hotline.

    Telephone: 718.817.8716, seven days a week, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

    Get contact information for other Garden offices.