A New Strategic Plan:
Into the 21st Century 2009–2015

An institution with the stature, complexity, and responsibilities of The New York Botanical Garden requires a comprehensive and long-term approach to planning. The Botanical Garden has been well served by the process that it created 15 years ago, having experienced a period of unparalleled growth as a result. Two previous plans, Plan for 1993–1999 and Plan for a New Era 2001–2007, enabled the Garden to expand significantly its influence and scope. As the Garden looks ahead to the next seven years, it can plan with confidence for financial security and further development.

The planning process for A New Strategic Plan: Into the 21st Century, 2009–2015 began in earnest in January 2006. Commencing with a six-month-long strategic competitive analysis, planning progressed through a year and half of presentations from the Expanded Planning Group, comprising nearly 150 managers with program responsibility. The planning proceeded up through five levels of management with ideas being discussed, analyzed, and refined along the way. The entire organization was involved, from representatives of program and support areas to Board Members. This collaborative process resulted in a tri-partite plan with programmatic, capital, and financial components. The new plan reflects the sum of these efforts, focusing on the Garden’s core competencies in horticulture, science, and education.

For ease of viewing or downloading, the 156 printed pages of Into the 21st Century have been divided into four sections for a total of 83 pdf pages.

The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia has published all three Plans as case studies. Visit Darden's website for more information.

Book One: Introduction & Program Plan

Book Two: Landscape and Architecture Plan

Book Three: Financial Plan


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