The Perennial Garden in full bloom.

Storm Water Management

NYBG has built new green storm water management systems into a number of capital projects along the Bronx River and around the campus, including:

  • The Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill
  • The Green Zone and Green Materials Recycling Center
  • The Edible Academy
  • Permeable paving from the Main Entrance to the Mosholu Gate

These systems have reduced the amount of storm water contaminated by hydrocarbons and heavy metals, high nitrogen and phosphorus levels, and sedimentary deposits entering the Bronx River. Additionally, NYBG has reduced its contribution to the overburdened City Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO). This effort decreases the burden on sewage treatment plants and reduces the amount of untreated sewage discharged from CSOs into local waterways. The permeable paving increases the quality of water entering local aquifers, filtering contaminants from storm water while recharging local ground water.