Sustainability and Climate Change Program: What the Garden is Doing

Since its founding over 100 years ago, The New York Botanical Garden has been dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment. As central to its mission, the Garden acts as a responsible steward of its 250-acre landscape; teaches the public about the value and workings of the natural world; explores the benefits that plants provide to humans around the globe; helps to conserve land resources; uses science to study and better understand the plant kingdom, plant diversity, and the need to protect it; and so much more.

In this new century and new millennium, the Garden has expanded its commitment to the environment. Through its Sustainability and Climate Change Program, the Garden is identifying and reducing its carbon emissions; revising its grounds maintenance and horticultural practices; managing and removing invasive species in the Forest; engaging volunteers in the collection of climate change data; and further educating the public about the major environmental issues of the day and how to help address these problems.

By marshaling its diverse resources and deep experience as an environmental leader, the Garden is helping to lead the way to a better, more sustainable future through the work of its Science, Horticulture, and Education divisions.

While on the grounds, use the audio tour Greening the Garden: Climate Change and Sustainability at the Garden to learn more about the actions the Garden is taking to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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