The New York Botanical Garden


Citizen Science Program: Listening to the Trees

To study the impacts of climate change on the Native Forest, the Garden engages volunteers in collecting important scientific data on specific species of trees. With training by experts, these citizen scientists learn about eight native tree species and how to collect and input data on the seasonal biological processes of those species in the Forest such as when leaves, flowers, and fruits appear (a science known as phenology).

Working with partners at the National Phenology Network, the Northeast Regional Phenology Network, and Clean Air-Cool Planet, the Garden has tailored its program to match the needs of scientists who use the collected data to study various aspects of climate change. Equally important, the program allows participants to learn about and actively engage in plant biology, forest ecology, and similar sciences as well as gain an intimate knowledge of a wonderful and beautiful native forest.

If you would like to participate as a citizen scientist, please contact Volunteer Services.