About Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery, Sustainability and Climate Change Program Manager, coordinates the Botanical Garden’s “green” operations of improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions, developing more sustainable horticultural practices, educating visitors about the environment, and running a citizen science program to collect data pertaining to climate change in the Garden’s 50-acre native Forest.

Previously, Daniel served as the policy analyst for both the Environmental Protection and Sanitation Committees of the New York City Council. In that role he worked on a broad array of policy and legislative efforts, including the city’s 20-year Solid Waste Management Plan, various energy-related matters, and protection of the watersheds supplying the city’s drinking water. He also staffed Mayor Bloomberg’s Sustainability Advisory Board for Speaker Christine Quinn and advised the Speaker on sustainability, environmental, and sanitation policy.

Daniel has a B.A. in American History from Columbia University and a Master’s in Environmental Studies, with a focus on Endangered Species Policy in the Unitied States, from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.