Education: Teaching People an Understanding of Nature

The Botanical Garden offers an extraordinary array of educational opportunities for all ages—many with a direct relationship to the understanding and protection of the environment.

Pre-schoolers learn literacy through the study of nature, young children investigate the plants and plant parts that make up common food items, and teens develop an understanding of botany through a mentoring program all in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. Adults enhance their knowledge of subjects ranging from organic gardening to composting through the extensive classes and workshops of the Continuing Education program, which recently introduced a new “Environmental Gardening” certificate. Schoolgroups and families make contact with the Earth and gather hands-on experience by working their own growing plots in the Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden.

In addition, the Garden periodically hosts symposia designed to increase public awareness of the impacts of climate change on plants and the systems that support them, and students enrolled in the intensive School of Professional Horticulture learn about ecologically sound concepts such as native plants, green roofs, and other sustainable practices.

Interpretive signage throughout the grounds and audio tours focusing on the Garden’s sustainability and conservation work further illustrate the important relationship between people and nature.