The New York Botanical Garden


Science: Conserving the Natural World

As an institution dedicated to the world of plants and fungi, the Garden is inherently interested and involved in conserving Earth’s natural systems and has been since its inception. The Garden’s approach to conservation is practical and inclusive, in some cases focusing on preserving pristine systems, in other cases helping people manage systems they rely on for food, medicine, and other resources in a more sustainable way—in other words, conserving working landscapes.

Garden scientists have traveled the world for the cause of conservation, and the Garden houses a number of world-class plant resources that also contribute to conservation, including a research library with more than 1 million cataloged items, a state-of-the-art plant research laboratory, the largest herbarium in the Western hemisphere, a landmark conservatory, a one-acre research and production greenhouse, and a cutting-edge science laboratory. The publication Scientific Research at The New York Botanical Garden details the various projects by the Garden’s scientists.