The Thain Forest in fall.

Climate Week 2023

September 17–24, 2023

Various Times | NYBG & Online

At this time in human history, one of the primary roles of a botanical garden—to teach people about plants and their foundational importance to all life on Earth—has never been more crucial. Join NYBG during Climate Week NYC 2023 for a thought-provoking programs that forefront the importance of plants to help solve the climate and biodiversity crisis, including our annual Climate Week Symposium, this year centered on the theme of cultivating resilience.

Read on to learn about ongoing tours and programs that get you closer to nature, classes that teach you how to be a better observer of the environment around you, and simple ways that you can get involved in supporting both scientific research and the green spaces we cherish during this challenging time in Earth’s history.

Fall Foliage Stand-Outs

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In autumn, NYBG is filled with colorful leaves, from browns to oranges to burning reds. Discover the trees with the most brilliantly-colored foliage around the Garden, and learn why some trees produce more saturated fall color than others.

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Hand holding a phone showing a view of crowded tall green trees in a forest, with the words of the Thain Family Forest and more text and icons for a map on the phone. The hand is over an image of yellow and green tall trees and a wooded pathway with a tree lined low fence in a forest.

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