Visitor on path with bright pink lilacs closest to her and blue/purple lilacs in focus of photo

Lilac Collection

Burn Family Lilac Collection

With its bountiful clusters of flowers, sweet scent, and heart-shaped leaves, the lilac joyously proclaims spring’s arrival in gardens up and down the East Coast. The Burn Family Lilac Collection celebrates this favorite American garden shrub in all of its glorious forms, colors, and scents.

Lilac lovers have flocked to The New York Botanical Garden to see and smell these charming flowers since 1896. The 2016 expansion of this historic Collection showcases antique specimens as well as new disease-resistant lilacs, tall tree lilacs and dwarf lilacs, and flowers that smell sweet and others that are spicy. Early, late, and even reblooming lilacs and specimens selected for their autumn color ensure that this garden boasts interesting sights and smells long after its initial spring blooms.

Lilac Tracker