White Japanese apricot blossoms on thin branches

Schools & Teachers

At The New York Botanical Garden, we grow more than just plants—we grow programs, creativity, and people too. Through inquiry-based methods, children and teachers engage in experiences, which will help them to construct understandings of plants, their cultural uses, and their overall importance to life on Earth.

The School and Teacher Programs at the Garden offer:

  • Fun, interactive live workshops led by NYBG educators that allow children to experience the woodlands, wetlands and meadows around the Garden, as well as our collection of desert plants in the Conservatory
  • Adherence with standards prescribed by New York City and New York State, and alignment with the national Next Generation Science Standards


To reserve or inquire about your virtual field trip, visit nybg.org/virtual-workshops-for-kids, email childed@nybg.org, or call 718.817.8181.

Contact Us

Pre-K–8: To register your class, email childed@nybg.org or call 718.817.8181.
High School: To register your class, email grouptours@nybg.org or call 718.817.8687.
Teacher Professional Learning: To inquire, email teachered@nybg.org or call 718.817.8140.