Close up of pink flowers on brown stem.

Lawrence M. Kelly

Vice President for Science Administration
Susan E. Lynch Director of Graduate Studies
Editor-in-Chief, Flora Neotropica

Ph.D., Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, 1998


Aristolochiaceae (Birthwort family), Symplocaceae (Sweetleaf family), Saurauia (Actinidiaceae; Kiwi family)


Aristolochiaceae (Birthwort family), Symplocaceae (Sweetleaf family), Saurauia (Actinidiaceae; Kiwi family)

Research locations

neotropics, worldwide


Lawrence Kelly’s research focuses on the evolution and classification of flowering plants, primarily in three different groups: the birthwort family (Aristolochiaceae), the sweetleaf family (Symplocaceae), and certain members of the kiwi family (Saurauia, Actinidiaceae). The principal products of his work are phylogenetic hypotheses, taxonomic monographs, and floristic treatments. Lawrence is also interested in the flora of Mexico and Central America, and in developing electronic keys for plant identification. His phylogenetic research has centered on relationships within the Aristolochiaceae, and especially the wild gingers (Asarum). Lawrence has integrated molecular and morphological data to address relationships in these groups, and used the results to focus on biogeographic and evolutionary questions in the family. His current involvement in floristic projects includes participation in Flora Mesoamericana (Symplocos, Saurauia), Flora of Chiapas (Symplocos), Flora of China (Aristolochiaceae), and the Flora of the Tehuacan Valley in Mexico.

Selected Publications

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