Jump-Start Your Certificate with Summer Intensives

Earn a Certificate more quickly by enrolling in a Summer Intensive Program in Landscape Design, Floral Design, or Gardening. In just a few weeks, complete most or even all classroom hours required for a Certificate. Intensive classes are also available in Botanical Art & Illustration and Horticultural Therapy.

The Garden's exceptional instructors bring real-life experience to the classroom. And for a few weeks, they're all yours! Enroll now!

2015 Summer Intensive Programs

Floral Design Summer Intensive

In just five weeks, you can complete all classroom credits toward the NYBG Certificate, so you can get started on your internship requirement ASAP. Working one-on-one with floral design professionals, you'll create dozens of arrangements in diverse styles for many different occasions. This program focuses on real-world situations, and includes a trip to New York's flower district.

Landscape Design Summer Intensive

In just five weeks, earn half the course hours required for the NYBG Certificate in Landscape Design. Interactive classes with top landscape architects, designers, guest lecturers, and the Garden's incomparable resources…this summer program gets your career on the fast track!

Gardening Summer Intensive

In just two short weeks, you'll complete over 25% of all course work required for the Certificate, laying a solid base in the principles of environmentally sound gardening. Special electives and curator-led tours of various Garden collections combine the best of the classroom and real-world field exposure.

Summer Intensive Classes

Botanical Art & Illustration Summer Intensive Classes

Advance your artistic development quickly! Complete Botanical Drawing I & II in just four weeks—less than half the normal time! Other required classes are also offered in a reduced time frame.

Botanical Art & Illustration Summer Intensive Classes 7 classes, July 13–August 21 Learn More >>

Horticultural Therapy Summer Intensive Classes

If you have a limited amount of time yet are devoted to learning about Horticultural Therapy, then Summer Intensive Classes are for you! Five of the nine core courses are in a one-week format, making it easier than ever to start the Certificate or fulfill your Certificate requirements.

Horticultural Therapy Summer Intensive Classes 5 classes, July 13–August 14 Learn More >>