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The 2016-17 Holiday Train Show has concluded. Stay tuned for 2017-18 details.

Share Your Holiday Train Show Memories

Explore the memories and moments shared by visitors new and old as we gather recollections from throughout the Holiday Train Show’s history. Perhaps these stories will inspire you to recount your own experience—you'll be entered for a chance to win an all-new NYBG book highlighting the past 25 years of the exhibition.

We encourage you to include a story from your time at the Garden, whether it's a particularly funny moment, or a fond memory shared among family and friends—whatever made your visit wonderful. It's an opportunity to be a part of our celebration of this New York tradition after 25 years, and you might even take home a prize for your contribution.

*Submissions may be used in NYBG promotional materials.


Featured Documentaries

Tintes y Colorantes de la Costa (Dyes and Colors of the Coast) portrays the life of 74-year-old Habacuc Avendaño as he travels to the rocky Oaxacan coastline to milk the purple dye tixinda from an endangered species of snail that lives in the seaside precipices. He describes the endangerment of tixinda due to poaching, which also threatens the traditional weavings created by the village women, prized by museums and collectors worldwide.

Los Posohuancos follows the Mixtec weaver Margarita Avendaño, the oldest weaver in her group, whose huipiles were featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Textiles in Oaxaca. She tells of her history and how she learned to hand-spin the natural brown cotton called coyuchi, as well as how to weave posohuancos, a traditional long skirt worn by the Mixtec women.